Tybee Island Georgia: Birding in November

One doesn’t hear the term “old coot” too often.  So when we stumbled across this birding entry about the American Coot on the Georgia Birders Online at UGA.edu, it caught our eye.

November 14, 2011 —

“Dear GABO,
One of the salt water sloughs that I frequent has closed off, forcing
me to take some less traveled routes. I enjoy these constant changes and the birds seem to as well. I added to my personal list for Little Tybee Island, with a rather ordinary bird, the American Coot flushed out of high marsh. Sometimes the ordinary bird can surprise you. I have only seen a Coot once on saltwater previously. As the tide fell a new area was revealed for shorebirds to feed. Two Marbled Godwits stood out with a cinnamon color and a pink beak, blackening at the tip. Their feeding style, size, and upturned beak differ and are easy to pick out of the mob, when they probe and then raise their head up to swallow. I spotted a Merlin perched on the closest hammock. The ebbing tide forced us to keep moving.

Rene Heidt www.sundialcharters.com
Sundial Charters Tybee Island, Georgia Chatham County”
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“Birds help us mark the seasons, identify with our most special places, and appreciate the lively beauty of creation.” Source: Restoring North America’s Migratory Birds, Cornell.edu

Come visit the Georgia coast for your birding adventures.  Stay with us at Lighthouse Inn near the Colonial Coast Birding Trail on Tybee Island’s north beach.

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