Why Limit Tybee Expectations To Summer, Sand, Sea & Sun?

Tybee Island Georgia | Captain Mike Dolphin Tour with Lighthouse Inn's Susie Morris

Videographer Guy Smith talking to Captain Mike Dolphin Tour boat captain.

TYBEE ISLAND Georgia — Tybee Island’s North Beach is an anomaly [defined as peculiar, irregular, abnormal, or difficult to classify].  Guests return to our Lighthouse Inn bed and breakfast with enthusiastic reports of discovering the unexpected.

In December who would expect the sounds of Celtic bagpipes through the morning fog?  Who would expect joy instead of disappointment because of the missed beach sunrise?  What outsider would expect island visitors to report “The food was amazing!” in the off-season? Who would expect an opportunity to gaze from the top of Tybee Lighthouse?  We hear so often “The view is spectacular!” Who would expect that minus urban city lights, one can witness Earth’s phenomenal night sky, active with meteor showers.

A little beach town with unexpected superlatives.  

One morning recently a female guest, traveling solo, shared high anticipations to witness Tybee Island’s sunrise bursting onto the horizon.  Her’s was a correct expectation on most days.  After all, even many December days are as an Indian Summer — day temperatures in the 60s or 70s. However, it was overcast on that December 2012 morning.

Not to be deterred, she walked through the foggy haze, still with all the hope she could muster for that quintessential beach sunrise view. It was not to be. It appeared as an English Channel foggy morning, complete with sounds of a bagpipe in the distance.  Out through the overcast a man came into view, walking the beach by himself, playing his Celtic pipes.

What a memorable surprise!  This single woman traveler and this man – each marching along his/her path to their own beat — were the only two people on the beach. A movie screenplay could have not scripted it better.

Savor the unexpected.

“That’s what Tybee Island’s extraordinary beach is all about in winter,” Liza says assuredly.  “You never know what you’re going to see or experience.  The beach will surprise you.  Walk down the beach and find the unusual, especially at the north end of the beach – the quieter, more reflective end of Tybee Island.”

On our unceremonious Tybee Island who would expect the creative flair of wonderful Caribbean food, served seaside on triangle plates at North Beach Grill? It really is worth bundling up a bit to breathe in the salty air and change one’s pace of life!  Who would guess Chef George Spriggs’s American fusion recipes are featured in Food Network’s “Waterfront Tables” episode and recommended by Coastal Living magazine?  North Beach Grill was a THE place to spot Ben Affleck when he was filming nearby.

Who would guess that the lighted CNN Hero Lanterns were filmed on Tybee Island’s north beach?

The surf goes in and out year around. Visitors and locals find a myriad of shells. Birds and shrimp boats dot the horizon.

For those of us who live on Tybee Island life seems idyllic and eclectic, unhurried rather than harried.

Gratefully, our island visitors remind us to open our eyes and hearts anew to those spur-of-the-moment, extraordinary experiences. Rather than being disappointed, our sunrise-seeking guest was thrilled with her unexpected discovery.

Our seaside beach is a little slice of heaven, filled with delightful surprises and wonderment! Tybee Island is where one can discover little joys to refresh the soul, any time of year!

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