Tybee Island Romance, As You Like It!

Bring along your island dreams of romance and your pillow book [diary] for a romantic beach getaway along the beautiful Georgia coast. Optimism and reality are rolled into one at Lighthouse Inn bed and breakfast on Tybee Island, Georgia (aka Savannah Beach).

TYBEE ISLAND, Georgia — Nothing gets in the way of romance when you getaway to Lighthouse Inn bed and breakfast, Tybee Island, Georgia.  Whether your romantic break is playfully vivacious or masterfully calm, there is much to complement your weekend escape or on-the-beach engagement at Tybee.

Romantic Tybee Island Beach (aka Savannah Beach). Photo (c) Mackensey Alexander. Used with Permission

Romantic Tybee Island in the Sea Oats. Photo (c) Mackensey Alexander.

Birds whistle a morning welcome. In the sand dunes a swing-for-two irresistibly waits to entice on Tybee Island’s secluded stretch of north beach.

Ah me! why may not love and life be one?
-Henry Timrod

Island vistas offer sunrises, twilight, sunsets, and starry nights of poets, artists, and dreamers.  It’s the ideal romantic place, a quiet comfort spot and beach hideaway — part wanderlust, part simplicity — rather than glitz and glamour.

For you see, each day I love you more
Today more than yesterday and less than tomorrow.
-Rosemonde Gerard

Beginning with the uncomplicated way of Tybee Island life at Lighthouse Inn, honeymooning couples and young-at-heart romantics can stroll the soft curve of sandy beaches.  Bicycle to Lazaretto Creek or Fort Pulaski.  At every turn, you can be keenly conscious of nature or simply enjoy the seaside’s beautiful backdrop now and in your scrapbook photos.

You’ll simply be inspired by the panoramic waterways, historical places, and the quaint, yet richly satisfying pace.  Neighborly town folks deliver up casual visiting. Mingle if you wish.  Or, simply welcome and acknowledge their kind nod or wave as you venture to ramble the 2.5 mile long barrier island.

I could walk forever and a mile with one beautiful girl.
-A.C. Van Cherub

“On Tybee it’s a wonderful feeling to stumble upon magical, romantic moments instead of trying to plan rigidly. Guests find a fresh, uncomplicated style of romance here, not only with each other but with life itself,” says Liza, innkeeper at Lighthouse Inn, the 100-year old historic bed and breakfast cottage, nearest the Tybee Lighthouse.

Romantic ideas? Sip cool tea by this cottage inn’s new swimming pool. Nestle contented in the ebb of the tides at the shoreline. Boat to discover the playful dolphins. Make an impromptu stop at North Beach Grill (once upon a time a Ben Affleck favorite spot) for a casual lunch. Nearby Sundae Café serves up casual lunch and transforms to a white table cloth place at dinner time. Casual resort wear and flip flops are just fine all over the island!

Her lips on his could tell him better than all her stumbling words.  -Margaret Mitchell

The locals call Tybee ‘paradise’.  Some say it is the happy-go-lucky flat beaches for easy strolling or a refreshing moonlit swim. Others point to the cool salty breeze from the Atlantic Ocean. Rustling palm trees offer native reminders that you are vacationing on a sub-tropical island along the East Coast of the Deep South.

The laid-back pace is colloquially known as ‘Tybee Time’, which means we do things at a slower the pace, taking time for what matters.  Climb Tybee Lighthouse (178 steps), then take a little more time to enjoy the panorama.  You will definitely want to bring your camera!  Paddle the shoreline, then, take a little more time to beach the kayak or sit for a quiet moments in the slow rock of the gentle waves.  Discover nostalgic romance on the Tybee Pier, then take a little more time to chat lazily with local fishermen at the end of Tybee Pier.

Who, being loved, is poor? -Oscar Wilde

Who said beach cocktails, served up by a cabana boy or girl were any better than private time together on Tybee Island?  Instead of far-away, $700 per night tropical island destination, try Tybee Island, Georgia’s charming sub-tropics along the Atlantic Ocean and Lighthouse Inn’s affordable nightly rate.

Ah me! love can not be cured by herbs. -Ovid

Alas! Liza’s charming southern breakfast at Lighthouse Inn is a wonderful time and place to start any romantic getaway morning!  Dining out on island is a bargain, too.

You know you’re in love when you don’t want to fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams. -Dr. Seuss

Come. Surround yourself with simple beauty.  Enjoy the company of your dearest love here.  Tybee insiders, Liza and Tony, will point to the romantic island’s most precious spots. Take in the airy style of “plenty of optimism and white paint,” encouraged by designer Elsie de Wolfe.

Slip away, soon and often, for the choicest of privacy and quiet comforts.  “You must have a place where you can breathe and fling your arms about!” said de Wolfe.

“Let me beg of you to demand only the actual essentials: a decent neighborhood, good light and air, and at least one reasonably large room” de Wolfe implored budget-conscious readers in her best-selling book The House in Good Taste (1913).

Traveling romantics: You’ve found such a romantic spot of rest and leisure at Lighthouse Inn bed and breakfast on north beach Tybee Island, GA (aka Savannah Beach).

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