Beyond the Tybee Island Shore Fascinations Lure Year Around

TYBEE Island, Georgia — For Tybee Island visitors, what is passing offshore can be as exciting as what is on land! Stories and histories of the French Navy fleet off the Tybee shore during the American Revolution become more real. Dreams of far away places stretch the imagination.

Bounty Tall ship at Cockspur Island | Photo (c) Bruce Tuten

The Bounty tall ship passing the historic Cockspur Lighthouse along Tybee Roads and the Savannah River Channel | Photo (c) Bruce Tuten, used by Lighthouse Inn Tybee Island GA under Creative Commons license.

In this photo  of The Bounty, arriving from the Atlantic Ocean to a Tall Ships events in the Savannah Harbor, it is passing through Tybee Roads near the historic Cockspur Lighthouse. 

Through sunny or foggy days and dark moon and starlit nights international ships surprise tourists on the horizon. Cargo ships from around the world continually enter Tybee Roads and travel up the Savannah River channel to the Port of Savannah.

Five nautical miles northward from Tybee Light (32°01’18″N., 80°50’48″W.) is Calibougue Sound — Daufuskie Island and Hilton Head Island.  Witness fireworks on Hilton Head Island and Tybee Island on the same night sometimes!  (See page 14 of NOAA PDF)

Tybee Island beach sunrise | Photo (c) Bruce Tuten

Tybee Island beach sunrise is perfect time for beach walking or running | Photo (c) Bruce Tuten, used by Lighthouse Inn under creative commons permission.

Migrant birds, winter and summer visitors, summer and permanent resident birds dot Tybee Island’s landscape, especially on the north beach shore.  U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service report 309 bird species are along the Georgia coast.

Tybee Shrimp Boats | Photo (c) Bruce Tuten

Shrimp boats shrimping Tybee Inlet near Savannah GA | Photo (c) Bruce Tuten, used under creative commons permission.

Shrimp boats, sailing ships, and parasailing are wide screen happenings beyond the breakers.

It’s true: the scenes are tantalizing! We hope you will slip away soon to kindle your own fascinations and loves on Tybee Island beach.  Slip away and stay with us at Lighthouse Inn. We think you’ll adore a few days and nights lodging in our historic north beach cottage.

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