Beyond the Tybee Island, Atlantic Ocean Breakers

Located on America’s east coast Tybee Island, Georgia, is the Atlantic Ocean’s coastal contrast and complement to downtown Savannah‘s beautiful garden squares, oak lined boulevards, hanging moss, historic homes and a bustling river waterfront.

Tybee Pier east coast Atlantic Ocean Sunrise | Tybee Island | Photo (c) 2012 Tim Nealon. Used with permission

Tybee Pier Sunrise. Photo (c) 2012 Tim Nealon —  All rights reserved. Used with permission. 

Bring your dreams of adventure to our Lighthouse Inn bed and breakfast cottage and Tybee Island!  Savannah is a short road trip about 20 minutes away. So, it’s easy and practical to do both.

Tybee Island Pier. If you’re traveling light, but want to take in a little fishing, try beach fishing or get out beyond the breakers* into the Atlantic Ocean on the Tybee Island Pier. Catch Spanish mackerel,  spotted sea trout, whiting, red drum, and black drum. [*Breakers: A heavy sea wave moving toward the coast that breaks into white foam on the shore or a shoal. A wave that curls over and dissolves into foam is a breaker.  Granite boulders off Tybee Island’s beaches are sometimes called “breakers” also.]

Are you serious about kayaking AND photography? Whether going to Tybee Bar, Cockspur Island, or Little Tybee Island we recommend a unique personal outing with Tim Nealon, high adventure kayaker and world-class photographer.

Especially at high tide, watch international cargo ships pass “Tybee Bar” — the navigational shoal [an area of shallow water, esp. as a navigational hazard, such as a sandbar] between the Atlantic Ocean and Savannah. Located “at the entrance of the Savannah River, [Tybee Bar] has 16 feet of water at half tide” reports Aids to Geographical Research (Source:  National Geographical Society, 1971).  “A vessel of 1200 tons would have had a draft of at least eighteen feet, which would mean that it would have ‘run ashore’ at least a half-mile from the beach even if it was lost at high tide,” explains Sea Research Society, speaking of a shipwreck long ago.

Historically, the waterways around Tybee Island are where ships pass in and out of the Port of Savannah with diverse cargo.  In Georgia’s early history, the cargo included turpentine, cotton, shingles, sugar, pimento, salt, hogsheads, rice, jewelry, copper, and dry goods being transported between worldwide ports and the Port of Savannah.  Also, sailing ships “in ballast” [rocks on board instead of cargo], would shipwreck or become temporarily stranded on the North Breakers and South Shoal [sandbar breakers] off Tybee Island.  The “ballast” stones from around the world can be seen on downtown Savannah’s River Street, Bay Street to River Street ramps, and fortified bluff wall near the riverfront harbor.

Clearly, the idea is to get more of you indoors, beginning at Lighthouse Inn bed and breakfast, and outdoors on the sandy, flat beach and (when safe) beyond the breakers at Tybee Island, Georgia.

We hope to see you soon!

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