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Closer to Heaven.  Tybee Island residents say, “Welcome to paradise”.  Short for Tybee, TYB is the popular bumper sticker.

At one point in its history Tybee Island was officially named “Savannah Beach“.  Never make the mistake, however, of assuming that Tybee Island is simply a beach version of nearby Savannah, Georgia.  Even the newcomer will quickly realize that the eclectic mix of contrasts on the Georgia Coast defies comparison.

Tybee Pier on Tybee Island Georgia. Photo (c) 2010 Shannon Christopher. Used with permission.

Tybee Pier | Photo © Shannon Christopher

Long kept secret as one of the untapped gems of East Coast resorts, Tybee Island quietly earned a reputation as the “Long Branch of the South“.   [The Jersey Shore was called the “Long Branch of the North.”]

Legends speak of the island as a destination for early explorers, searching for the Fountain of Youth and a stopover for pirates, including the infamous Blackbeard.  The northernmost Georgia barrier island (aka Sea Islands along America’s southeast coastline) flew under the flags of 5 nations — Spain, France, England, The Confederate States of America, and The United States of America.   To celebrate this rich history, all these flags fly now on north beach at the Tybee Museum, near the historic Tybee Island Light Station.

Beach music is synonymous with the carefree, romantic Tybee Pier, whether for proper dances, fishing, or a fresh air walk in the Atlantic Ocean breeze.  Island life on Tybee is said to be as comfortable as those favorite, old worn slippers.  The laid back pace here is called “Tybee Time“.

Tybee Island's Pirate Fest Flag. Photo (c) 2010 Sandy Traub

Pirate flags fly in the Tybee breeze across Tybee Island, Celebrating Pirates Fest. Photo © Sandy Traub

Yet, Tybee Island is a quietly spirited, storied place.  During Prohibition, Tybee’s independent spirit was home to rum running, bootlegging “watering holes”, bibulous ways, nearby backroom poke, blackjack and craps, and liquor smuggling.  Prohibition ingenuity’s claimed they were selling tickets to see the ‘blind tiger’.  Drinks were thrown in to keep the punters happy while awaiting the appearance of the visually challenged feline.

No matter the occasion, the flow and character of Tybee’s free-spirited, feel-good island days and nights prevail.  No matter the season, time or weather, Tybee Islanders flock to play and socialize.  Georgia coast neighbors and world travelers are invited along for the welcome, fun and relaxation.

Year around events are well attended.  No wonder. It’s shirtsleeve weather most of the year!  Click here for recap of Annual Tybee Island Festivals & “Must Do” Happenings.

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