Georgia Coast Outdoor Sports at Tybee Island GA

Georgia coast beach vacations, even in winter, are popular at Tybee Island and Lighthouse Inn.  Cycling, sailing, beach volleyball, kayaking, canoeing, fishing, running, and hand ball top the list of popular outdoor sports.

Tybee Beach Fishing.  Photo (c) Shannon Christopher. Used with permission

Tybee Beach Fishing. Photo (c) Shannon Christopher. Used with permission.

Why? Land is flat for cycling and running. Tybee Island is Georgia’s northernmost barrier island on the Atlantic Ocean coast.  Yet, there is no snow!

“It’s sunny clime in search of recreation and health, and particularly in winter, from a desire to escape the rigors of their own climate,” writes B. H. Richardson.

Did you know? At the 1996 Olympic (R) Summer Games, Little Tybee Island and Wassaw Sound served as the yachting venue?  Popular yachtsman, Walter Cronkite, was host for the opening ceremonies held in an amphitheater on Savannah River Street in downtown Savannah, GA.

Ask us to assist to arrange your sports outing.  Meanwhile, here are a few leisure boat tour excursions that we recommend:

  • Captain Mike’s Dolphin Tours at Lazaretto Creek Marina.
  • Sundial Charters.
  • Sweet Lowland Tybee.

Think Tybee Island and Lighthouse Inn when you’re ready to get outdoors!  You know you want to get away!

Additional Resource:

From Kayaking to Birding, Tybee Island Provides an Ideal Setting for Outdoor Adventure (August, 2011), Tybee Island, GA

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  1. I would want to visit a lot of interesting places in Tybee Island like Fort Pulaski & the Tybee Lighthouse Station to Tybee Island’s very own Pier & Pavilion. Looking forward to visiting the place and vacationing there.

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