Historic Cottage “Raised” on Tybee Light Grounds

Progress is underway for the one-time historic Fort Screven cottage to be “raised” on the Tybee Island Light Station grounds.  In June 2008, the 10-foot by 24-foot cottage in disrepair was moved in 2008 from Naylor Street to its a new address on north beach, Tybee Island, GA.  Now that funds have been secured, the historic cottage is being lifted off-ground, with a ground-level raised foundation built.  It then will regain its place among the American South’s renowned “raised cottages” on Tybee Island.

Answers.com defines “raised cottage” as follows: “Cottage on stilts or built-up piers to protect it from groundwater.” Old House Journal, (June-July 2009) states, “For most people the raised cottage is most strongly identified with the French house in America.”

For more information:
Latest addition to Tybee Light Station took long time to go several blocks, Savannah Morning News, June 11, 2008.

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