Tybee Island “Ghosts” at the Bridge, Lighthouse, and Water’s Edge

Did you know that Tybee Island has ghost stories and “ghosts”?

In Georgia Ghosts, Nancy Roberts writes of Laurie White in “The Girl the Nuns Loved“. Laurie lived in Tybee Island‘s north beach neighborhood.  Other ghost stories are of the historic Tybee Lighthouse, and lore of haunted Lazaretto Creek.  The stories we’ve read about ghosts at Fort Pulaski National Monument make us eager to hear verification from the National Park Service before we say there are “sightings” there.

There are more Tybee ghosts … the kind we know you can see!

Ghost Shrimp on treasure chest

Beach ghost shrimp (Callichirus islagrande) hide in pencil-size burrows in the swash zone of the wet beach. You can spot them where “chocolate sprinkles” (fecal pellets) circle little sandy holes on the wet beach.  [The] burrowing animal “seldom, if ever, exits its tunnels willingly…. This species inhabits the high energy foreshore of barrier islands and similar stretches of quartzite sandy beaches. Beach ghost shrimp are colonial and may be present by the hundreds.  Evidence is the brown swash lines of the brown pellets.” [Source: Loyola University, Nature Notes by Bob Thomas. See  excellent photos at the link.]  The transparent beach ghost shrimp is also called Fountain Shrimp in many parts of the world, perhaps named after the fountainous spray of their antennae. [In photo above, the aquarium ghost shrimp is located above the treasure chest; photo by purplechibi Webshots)

Ghost Crab (Ocypode quadrata) are white, up to 3 inches wide, that scavenge along the upper beaches at night.  [Photo below is a Ghost Crab by msphotospy Webshots]Ghost Crab at low tide ...

Let us know if you spot any of our Tybee ghosts!

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