November: Watch for Manatee on Tybee’s Coast

Stay at Lighthouse Inn, a home bed and breakfast near Savannah on Tybee Island. Georgia Wildlife reports Manatee on Georgia Coast:

“Manatee (Trichechus manatus) are fascinating, large endangered marine mammal that can be found off the Georgia coast between March and November.  It is one of only 4 Sirenians (order Sirenia) in the world, a group of aquatic mammals that are closely related to elephants.  Generally it is found in shallow coastal waters and up tidal rivers.  Manatees eat Spartina (cord grass) as well as other emergent vegetation.  The Manatee primarily stays in Florida though they do swim north to Georgia in spring and summer.  They often bask near the surface, leading to frequent boat collisions and associated mortality.” – Source: Georgia Wildlife

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