Tybee Island Beach at Twilight Time

By Sandy Traub —

That Lucky Old Sun.” Kenny Chesney and Willie Nelson sing it so well.

Tybee Pier (c) Tim Nealon. Photo used with permission.

Tybee Island Pier (c) Tim Nealon. Used with permission.

In this morning’s twilight I decided to visit with the sun, and ‘have nothin’ to do’ but enjoy twilight time.  The calm of morning, without last night’s rain, felt therapeutic during those 25 minutes or so just before the sun came up over the horizon.  I have commented often about being up at the crack of dawn, but without any real significance to how beautiful nature is at that time.

Except for the day of filming of Lighthouse Inn’s video, For The Love of Old Tybee Island, I had bypassed the sun’s awe-inspiring morning twilight on Tybee Island beach. I take that back. Years ago, two pals and I talked our way through evening twilight, missing its beauty, even though we were sitting right in the surf on Tybee beach.

Later today twilight will arrive again for another precious 25 minutes or so when the sun settles into the horizon. I’m pondering now if I can change my old habits and visit with that “Lucky Old Sun” twice a day at twilight. My oh my, I sure like the thought of having ‘nothin’ to do’ but lazing around with the sun for roughly 50 minutes a day!

How Have I Missed the Beauty of Twilight?

Photographers know the “blue hour” very well! Somehow I missed that the wonderful blue shift in the night sky is twilight. I found Ray Ellis has painted Twilight Tybee Light (ca. 1956).  Prints are available online and in his art studio on Congress Street in downtown Savannah, GA.

Catherine Holt’s photographs capture the peaceful beauty of Tybee Island’s twilight time on the beach.

You can check out the daily times of “civil twilight“, morning and evening.  Let us know if you’re out on the beach at twilight time for the sun’s arrival and departure. 

“There is only one day left, always starting over: it is given to us at dawn and taken away from us at dusk.” – Jean-Paul Sartre

We hope you’ll slip away soon. Come stay at Lighthouse Inn, Tybee Island, Georgia. We have more ideas for special times.

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End note: I learned a new word in writing this post — crepuscular.  “A good day is one where I can not just read a book, but write a review of it. Maybe today I’ll be able to do that. I get for some reason somewhat stronger when the sun starts to go down. Dusk is a good time for me. I’m crepuscular,” wrote the late Christopher Hitchens. Philip Winn writes that “Crepuscular animals are those that are active primarily during twilight, that is during dawn and dusk.”

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