New From the Porch: Guest Captures Lighthouse Inn’s Character-rich Storytelling

Tamara Moore, South Carolina educator, writer and dear guest writes about Lighthouse Inn, Tybee Island, GA.

Tybee Island beach house porch at Lighthouse Inn with Stuart and Susie

"Simple elegance of the porch" with Stuart and Susie

“Despite Thomas Wolfe’s famous admonishment that ‘you can’t go home again,’ I have found on my half-dozen or so trips to Tybee Island that returning to the Lighthouse Inn B&B is a homecoming in its own right. Susie and Stuart, ever the consummate hosts, provide an atmosphere of comfort and belonging to every guest fortunate enough to cross their path. Paramount to the magic of the inn is the porch, where its collection of old-timey rockers and wicker benches, coupled with the warm evening breeze, has quickly become my favorite place in all of Tybee.

Don’t get me wrong; I’ve partaken of all the touristy things too. The local seafood is excellent, the sunrises and sunsets simply breathtaking, and the sight of dolphins in the bay awe-inspiring. I’ve explored the island by bicycle, a soul satisfying activity I highly recommend to everyone. The lighthouse, of course, is charming and its views simply unparalleled. In addition to all of this, I have found the locals to be a friendly bunch, ever ready with a simple good morning, a heady piece of advice, or a cold beverage.  While each is lovely and part of the intrinsic allure of Tybee Island, none compare, however, to the sight of cruising down Meddin Drive at night and seeing the golden stream of light from the familiar windows and oak branches of The Lighthouse Inn.

From my first visit to the inn a few years ago to my most recent, a few days ago, I have been welcomed by Susie and Stuart like a long-lost family member and made to feel truly at home among their eclectic collection of art and antiques, not to mention what have to be the most comfortable beds on Tybee.  This feeling of homecoming is further perpetuated by the simple elegance of the porch where Susie is a master of recreating the old Appalachian pastime of evening porch sitting and storytelling. The combined experiences of both Susie and Stuart make for a wealth of interesting discussions and every guest is encouraged to offer insight into the lively salon that frequently takes place as the evening sun sets over Tybee Island. As an added bonus, I have met several fascinating locals who have dropped in for some front porch fun and served to make our conversations all the more lively.
While Wolfe’s work has been taken to mean that one can’t return to the past without dealing with the ravages of time and memory, the cast of characters on the porch of the Lighthouse Inn has accomplished just that in my eyes: an inexhaustible source of celebration of life, love, and remembrance.”

**With permission from Tamara Moore, this was submitted to and appeared in Tybee Breeze, July 2011.

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