“There’s a picture for you!” — A Tybee Island Tale

Lighthouse Inn‘s innkeeper, Susie Morris, has an eye for art and beauty.  Her downtown Savannah art gallery was a delightful convening spot and wonderful success.  Today original art, each with a story, decorates Lighthouse Inn on Tybee Island, Georgia. Susie’s southern hospitality shows through, too, and not just with her inn’s guests!


After a delightful seafood lunch at Stingrays — the hip, eccentric place where Miley Cyrus would sneak in a solo or duet with her dad on occasion during filing of “The Last Song”– Susie was driving and spotted something.  “There’s a picture for you!” she said with enthusiasm.  “Those girls in pink!” Then, she proceeded to turn around. 

I had not seen them.  I was busy noticing all the strange spots with parking meters.

I could not get a good snapshot out the window; plus, we were too far away.  The girls were on the move! So, I encouraged Susie to stop and I’d ask them if we could take their picture.  The joyful trio agreed, and spilled out their story of having forgotten where they parked their car.  Embibing on the great deal of $5 drinks from Tybee Pier was the blame.  Even one sister, the designated driver, didn’t recall where the $10 yellow parking sign was, a spot with tomato plants, and storage buildings, too.

Susie offered them a lift, and off we went on a seek-and-find adventure in search of their car.  The day’s heat was sweltering! Along the way we stopped Tybee neighbors out walking their dogs, asking for ideas to find the described lot.  It seemed the car had disappeared for sure.  Then, I suggested that we had exhausted the unfamiliar area where the gals thought the car was parked, and we should widen the search area.   Susie spotted a friendly face.  Yes, indeed, he knew the spot. “Right down this street.  Right there!” He was sure.  We were off!

Excitement escalated from the back seat as the girls spotted the first familiar landmarks, then the $10 sign, then the yellow building, then the car and the tomato plants, and the kind old gentleman. Yes, indeed.  What was lost, now was found!

What an adventure!  Thank you, dear joyful sisters in pink for catching Susie’s keen eye, and allowing us to join in your afternoon adventure on Tybee Island.

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