Meet Innkeepers, Susie and Stuart

Stuart and I are Southern born and bred.  We learned Southern hospitality from our parents, grandparents and neighbors, not by reading Gone with the Wind.

Tybee Island B&B innkeepers Stuart Liles and Susie Morris

Innkeepers Stuart and Susie | Photo: Nancy Heffernan

We do not reinvent southern food since it doesn’t need to be reinvented with exotic ingredients.  We speak fluent Southern and know when to use fixin’.  These were some of my mother’s favorite expressions, “For Crying out Loud”,  even “Goodness gracious”. A real Southerner says “Everybody” not everyone, or someone.  It’s a Southern thing.

I’m just having fun before going to the parade.  Now, I’m fixin’ to go watch the parade [Mardi Gras Parade on Tybee Island].

Susie & Stuart, Lighthouse Inn

Additional Resources:
A View from the Porch of Lighthouse Inn. Our Hundred Year Old Home“, by Tommy Thompson, Tybee Breeze (PDF), June 2011.


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  1. drenda todd says:

    Susie and Stuart, Thank you loved my stay and I miss you both,I would love to get used to your breakfast every morning,,, sad I’m back to cereal, At least I got the chance to live a few days like a queen with Stuart’s bkf. and not be in hospital. If I can get my husband on a plane we will be bacl to see you maybe in the fall or next spring..Thank you both for treating me like family I felt like I was leaving my sister behind and my brother in-law also. Love to you both

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