Tybrisia Pier and Pavilion

The Tybrisia Pier and Pavilion was Tybee’s premier dance hall.
“When big bands performed, soldiers could purchase tickets at a special price of fifty center each, with payment due the next payday. Soldiers who could not afford to pay the price of admission were apt to dance on the beach under the pavilion.” Source: James Mack Adams, A History of Fort Screven, Georgia

The $2.5 million wooden pier was unveiled just in time for the 1996 Olympic ® Summer Games.  Little Tybee Island hosted the yachting (now sailing) venue — July 22– August 2, 1996. Off the coast of Tybee Island, the 1996 Summer Olympics also gave NOAA’s National Weather Service a chance to give the world a glimpse of what would be the future of weather forecasting.

Visitor favorites during the Olympic ® Summer Games? Wading in the surf at Tybee Island, and dining at a local dive with a delicious crab boil on the menu.

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