September 6: Savannah Ocean Exchange Spotlights General George Marshall

Fort Screven Tybee Island Georgia

Historic Fort Screven cottage, associated with George C. Marshall, Tybee Island Georgia

On September 6, 2011, author Jack Uldrich tells the engaging story of George C. Marshall who would become General George Marshall, the creator of the Marshall Plan. While in charge of Ft. Screven on Tybee Island, Georgia, his relationship to the ocean was sealed and his famous plan forged. Jack Uldrich explores the leadership principles of the man Winston Churchill called “The Last Great American.”

Light hors d’oeuvres will be served. Free. For information, call Jane Harper, 912-748-8888 ext. 107 or email or go to

What, Where & When

General George Marshall – The Marshall Plan: A Local Story with Global Impact
September 6, 2011, 1:00 pm
Mighty Eighth Air Force Museum
175 Bourne Avenue
Pooler, GA 31322

The George C. Marshall Foundation web site is a rich resource to learn more about Lt. Colonel George C. Marshall, Commander at Fort Screven, Tybee Island, Georgia (1932-1993).

“For the next year at least, I will be at Fort Screven, Georgia. This is a garrison near Savannah, on the ocean.” — George C. Marshall, June 15, 1932.

What follows are a few quotes, historical snippets, and resource links from the Foundation web site, presented in Twitter’s maximum 140 character format:

  • “I look back on my year at Screven as one of the finest in my Army career….” -Gen. George Marshall | #Tybee
  • George C. Marshall received the Nobel Peace Prize in 1953 for his initiation of European Recovery Program (i.e., “Marshall Plan”). #Tybee
  • “Marshall took over the [Fort Screven] post like a paterfamilias…” A young officer wrote, “as would a southern planter his domain.” #Tybee
  • “….we found charming people in Savannah and out at Tybee.” – George C. Marshall, 1939 #quote | Sep 6, #SavOceanEx Lecture #Savannah #Tybee
  • “Prisoners were worked harder …yet Screven was a popular point for deserters to turn in” [35 in #Tybee to 1 Moultrie] – George C. Marshall
  • “I get most of my news, and of you, from ‘Time’,” wrote George C. Marshall from his Fort Screven post on #Tybee Island to Gen. John Pershing.
  • Mar. 30, 1933: George Marshall, commander Fort Screven wrote Theodore Roosevelt, Jr. “My dear Roosevelt”, closing “Faithfully yours” | #Tybee
  • “Marshall and the American Century” (documentary): | praised by Churchill & Presidents Roosevelt & Truman.
  • George Marshall Foundation coloring book. | George C. Marshall commanded #Tybee Island’s Fort Screven (1932-33)

* * *

Did you know? “Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton received the 2011 George C. Marshall Foundation Award in June for her support of the U.S. military and its soldiers, families and veterans, for her passionate advocacy on behalf of women and children whose voices are not being heard, and for her relentless devotion to spreading the highest ideals of democracy across the globe.” Source: George C. Marshall Foundation

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