October 9-12: Tybee Island Pirate Fest

TYBEE ISLAND, Georgia — Buccaneers and sea rovers, set sail for #Tybee Island, Georgia USA for piratical escapades on shore — Tybee Pirate Fest, October 9-12, 2014! Those interested in pirates, bring your lighter hearts.

Tybee Pirate Fest is Columbus Day holiday weekend. Isn’t that a hoot!? Pirates along North America’s east shores raided Spanish ships; and, Columbus, of course, sailed for Spain’s Queen Isabella when he discovered America.

Tybee Island is a beautiful 20 minute drive east on Island’s Expressway and U.S. Highway 80 from downtown Savannah’s historic district.

This 2013 Tybee Pirate Fest video will whet your appetite!  Who can bypass the thought of good times (food, fireworks, shopping, live music, dancing, parade, and more) and clamoring up and down gang ways … for dolphin spotting or a sunset cruise.

If that is not enough, tap the imaginations of this wonderful writer to get into the spirit of Tybee Island Pirate Fest — October 9-12, 2014!

“[She] … bluntly, if feebly, asked just what began piracy, and to tell her before the broth was passed round. We had already learned that the high-sounding word bucaneer came from so simple a process as salting meat. Boucan was the act of salting, and the result was the main provender of  the sea-rovers. But we had not expected the trade of bucaneering to be the outcome of so homely an attribute as jealousy….

“Little bands of shipwrecked sailors, mutineers from frigates, failures in the grocery business, and those crossed in love went to salting beef on the isles where luck had cast them. Grown bolder, they seized Spanish ships come to the shore for water, hung out a black flag in place of the red-and-yellow emblem of old Spain, and developed into the greatest menace the seas have ever known.”  — Pirates! Pirates! by Louise Closser Hall, Harper’s magazine (July 1915).

Call for lodging at Lighthouse Inn, on quiet North Beach — 912-786-0901. Follow us on Twitter @RockinPorch. Yes, that’s one of the pleasures of your Lighthouse Inn, Tybee Island vacation — rocking on the porch, visiting and sipping sweet tea. To the Tybee Island’s southern locals it’s simply, “Iced Tea, please”. Everyone knows it’s going to be sweet!

We look forward to seeing you soon. Tybee Island Pirate Fest is always a fun time!

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