February 17-20: Great Backyard Bird Count

The 15th annual “Great Backyard Bird Count” takes place February 17-20, 2012.

CoastalGeorgiaBirding.org report states, “Perfect for New Birders”.   The web site reports: “Anyone can participate in this free event and no registration is needed. Watch and count birds for at least 15 minutes on any day of the count, February 17-20, 2012. Enter your results at www.birdcount.org, where you can watch as the tallies grow across the continent. The four-day count typically records more than 10 million observations.

Although it’s called the Great ‘Backyard’ Bird Count, the count extends well beyond backyards. Lots of participants choose to head for national parks, nature centers, urban parks, nature trails, or nearby sanctuaries. For more information, including bird-ID tips, instructions, and past results, visit www.birdcount.org.”

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