April 2012: 150th Anniversary of the Battle of Fort Pulaski Near Tybee Island and Savannah GA

Honor the Civil War Sesquicentennial (2011-2015) with a visit to Tybee Island, Georgia, and nearby Fort Pulaski National Monument on Cockspur Island.  Lighthouse Inn’s historic cottage (ca. 1910) offers a gentle place to enjoy Georgia’s northernmost island on America’s east coast, and a sense of history in our beautifully restored Tybee beach inn.

“For nearly two months, Union troops erected 36 guns in 11 batteries on the western shore of Tybee Island. The Union cannons on Tybee Island, over a mile away, converged on Fort Pulaski on April 10, 1862. After 30 hours, the brick walls of the fort were breached, and the Confederate fort surrendered on April 11. The historic battle featured the first significant use of rifled artillery against a masonry fort and had international ramifications on the future design and construction of coastal forts. Fort Pulaski National will fly the 34-star United States flag from April 2012 until the end of the Civil War Sesquicentennial in April 2015.” – Source: Fort Pulaski National Monument

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