April 10 – 14: Tybee Wine Festival Near Lighthouse Inn to Restore Tybee Post Theater

TYBEE ISLAND Georgia — Be near the Tybee Wine Festival at Tybee Island, Georgia, when you stay at Lighthouse Inn bed and breakfast. Tybee Island’s food and wine event — April 10 – 14, 2013 — is a wine and seafood foodies’ paradise. Plus, the culinary event supports the architectural restoration of the historic Tybee Post Theater.

Tap into Tybee Island’s laid back style, 2.5 miles of flat open beaches, and savor the best of Georgia Coast seafood, Low Country cuisine, and wine pairings.  Wine experts, caterers, and celebrity chefs from Tybee and Savannah restaurants convene on Tybee Island beach near Savannah for southern beach style “visiting” [southern socializing] on the Georgia Coast.

Beach entertainment, dining and cooking activities are located in the Fort Screven Historic District on north beach.

Check for full details at http://tybeewinefestival.com/

A Tybee Island historical tidbit: Fort Screven was home to an American military base that was active from the Spanish-American War of 1898 through the end of World War II. General George C. Marshall  was commander at Fort Screven (at the time Lt. Colonel Marshall). He is perhaps best known for the Marshall Plan that assisted damaged European countries to repair factories, improve farming, rebuild schools, and restore towns after World War II.

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