Mornings at the Lighthouse Inn Breakfast Table

A Southern family style breakfast is a fun experience each morning at the Lighthouse Inn, as guests arrive to sip a cup of freshly brewed hot coffee or a cup of hot tea.

Breakfast Inn table. Photo (c) 2010 Lighthouse Inn / Shannon Christopher

Easy-going Breakfast Table

After choosing their place at the table they begin to introduce themselves, if a new guest, and then on with the usual “Where are you from?” or “Where do you live?”  This always gets the conversation going with the guests acknowledging they may have either lived in the state or visited there at one time.

The conversation continues to places to eat on Tybee or things to do or places to see.  Stories are told of their experience on Tybee Island while the newer guests are eager to get out and explore, so by tomorrow they too will have their stories to share.  The stories are different each day since they all have different interest.

Sometimes the conversation will continue by discussing their work and profession that opens more conversation of interest.  Our guests may stay at the table long after the last biscuits have been eaten. However, when they depart they always thank Susie for the delicious breakfast.  She will respond with a pleasant, “Thank you,” and saying, “Stuart does all the cookin’ and I take all the credit.”

That will get a chuckle from the guest as they leave to discover the beach and Tybee Island.

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